Does a Beard Keep You Warmer?

That is the question that Pete Hickey wanted to test scientifically when he conducted this experiment:

People have been saying, "A beard keeps you warmer."

Sure it sounds good, but has anybody ever really tested this theory? In the interest of science, I thought of cutting off my beard for a winter to determine if it would be colder without it. Thinking about it for a while, I realized that this was no good. Maybe it would be a warmer (colder) winter this year. Maybe I would forget how cold (warm) it was last year.

I needed a control! Another person was no good; their perception of cold may not agree with mine. I had only one choice. Shave half of my beard.

Here are his findings: Link - via Say No to Crack

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This is actually point #2 on the hard-science backed justification page for

If you think the Mythbusters didn't understand science, wait until you read that!
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a beard defo keeps you warmer, hair insulates! someone with an afro will be warmer than a bald guy. Is like haiving a built in hat!
A beard is almost like a built in scarf!
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Seems like he used Mythbusters type science.

Hardly an accurate test by only having half a beard. Did he test his ski jacket by wearing it half off? Or a car with half a windshield?

//who knew zombies could grow beards (or shave for that matter) - man that guy needs some sun.
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He is disturbingly pasty in that picture. Wow.

Also, I thought the warmth thing was part of why beards were so common in Russia until...someone...Peter the Great? made them all Europeanize by shaving them off.
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