Children See, Children Do

This video clip by Child Friendly Australia, a campaign by the National Association for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect, drives home the simple point of how impressionable children really are.

Only after I became a father of a young girl do I realize how much this is true: kids won't do what you tell them to do unless it's also how you act around them.

Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] - via Fresh Creation

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This is from the same country that wants to filter out all the sites on the internet that aren't kid-friendly, remember. Talk about over-simplifying a more complex issue, or should we all act like children for the rest of our lives?
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This ad is in danger of disproving its own point by its exaggeration. However, I doubt it's meant to say, "don't go puking in the alley with your kid". The point is that they are learning from their parents how to behave, now or later in life.

What's refreshing is that it's showing examples of women behaving equally as poorly as men, and not just as victims.
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Talk about over dramatized. While I do know that children are greatly impressionable, in most of those cases they would be scared and crying as a result since thats the only way they know how to react. They wouldn't be pounding on their mother with their fists or making themselves vomit.
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"Children See, Children Do"

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