Flexible Ownership of ... Pets!

First it was cars, then the flexible ownership concept moves on to ... pets!

Flexpetz aims to provide pets on a temporary basis to dog lovers who are unable to own a dog "full-time," either because of restrictive pet ownership rules where they live, busy schedule, or frequent business travels.

Do you think this is a travesty to pet ownership or a brilliant idea? Maybe we can do this for babies too (rent-a-baby, anyone?) What do you think?

Link [warning: annoying beep/audio plays automatically] - via Presurfer

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Another option is to look at foster care for animals. A lot of shelter animals go through foster care before they're ready to be adopted out to the world.
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anything in this world that will bring any love to a pet is worth trying, rather than being cynical and dismissing the idea out-of-hand. where's the harm? this could actually benefit the pets least likely to be adopted -- the older, the more aggressive, the sick...
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This reminds me of Italy. When cat-owners no longer need/want their cats, they set them free to become strays. I think the same thing happens for dogs.

I've been to the cat sanctuary in Rome - smells like cats, but it's a pretty famous place, built on the spot where Julius Caesar was killed.

Pet ownership as a casual thing isn't new. This is simply an idea to make a few bucks off it.
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I thought of this years ago. I think it'd be awesome. But they shouldn't add any more pets to the world by buying from breeders, they should use ones from shelters and rescue organizations. As long as they do that, they're doing good. People like me and my hubby aren't set up to keep a dog properly permanently,but might enjoy having one around from time to time. And it would be great for familys with kids who want pets. They could see the responsibility first hand with a rental animal before being stuck with a permanent animal they weren't ready for. So many times a kid pesters and pesters for a dog and Mom and Dad cave in and the kid is thrilled for a few weeks,then the new wears off and the pet becomes an unloved hassle. Rentals could bypass that fate. It'd be a great way to experiment with different breed types,too. I like the looks of some breeds,but have never really tried having one around. Rentals would be great for finding just what type of dog (or pet in general) is right for you.
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