The Horned-Man of China

93-year-old Ma Zhong Nan of China never imagined that a small scalp injury five years ago would blossom into 4 inch horn. About two weeks ago the horn began to itch and Ma decided to seek medical attention. Those attempts proved rather fruitless and his children are now seeking help and treatment through the media.

Horned humans are nothing new, the earliest medically documented case dates back to the 1500’s, the London Museum has several human horns in their collection and Robert Ripley made Wang the Human Unicorn famous in the 1930’s.

Human horn are not actual horns as they are not made of the same material animal horns are. Most often human horns are attributed to benign calvarial tumours, such as osteomas, and an aggressive variant of a condition known as cornu cutaneum. It is also important to note that ‘horns’ can grow anywhere on the human body but that the condition manifesting on the head only is a rarity.

China appears to produce a lot of horned people, like this man and this woman.

Via Shuangyashan

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All the comments above are dated back to 2007 but I'd like to assure you that there are still this kind of people in the world, and I'VE RECENTLY SEEN ONE on my countries national television,WELL IT'S IN ETHIOPIA. The horn i saw was grown on the head of an elderly woman and it's longer than any other pictures I saw on this site.
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Is it a genetic thing?

Nope, I think it's pollution.
Why not tumourus horns?
India is as well not known for its highly rigorous environmental laws...
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