Burial at Disneyland: Surreptitious Scattering of Ashes on Park Rides

Seems like scattering one's ashes at sea is so passe - the trend now is to surreptitiously scatter ashes in ... Disneyland!

On Friday, workers at the Anaheim theme park spotted a guest on the ride sprinkling an unidentified substance into the water, prompting them to close the attraction and alert police.

... within hours of Friday's incident, online columnists and bloggers who track news at the park said they began receiving e-mails from Disney employees claiming the episode was a case of the surreptitious scattering of human ashes.

Link (Image: soumit [Flickr])

MiceAge, an online publicated edited by Disney journo Al Lutz and Kevin Yee, reported that burial at Disneyland is such a growing problem that Disney's custodial department even had a "HEPA Cleanup" procedure!

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I refer to such individuals as "Disney Queens". Sicophants for Disney will hold on to their tiny little universe even after death. Fixation is immortal.
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I don't have any problem with scattering human ashes either, but I think Disneyland sees it differently. They have to keep their place clean (human ashes contain bits of bones) and plus the animatronic robots may get creeped out!
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I don't see the big deal in scattering human ashes, in fact it's the simplest cheapest way however, a public place should not be used for such practice. It's just common sense...at least to me.
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