How to Make Fire Using a Potato

You never know when this will be useful: this video shows you how to make fire using a potato, toothpaste, salt, cotton, and toothpicks. [warning: gratuitous use of a girl in bikini in start of video]

If you can't see the embedded video, go to 5 Min Life Videopedia: Link

Yea, right. I'm calling BS on this one.

All these new how-tos that are coming out lately are like hiccup cures: intended solely for the entertainment of those watching.
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Great - If I'm ever at a bar and I find myself without a lighter or matches when a pretty girl asks for a light, I'll be sure to pull out my potato, salt, toothpaste, toothpicks, wire, knife, spoon, and cotton!
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that pretty much explain why nerds that have all the time to figure out such things are single, coz the stupid good looking guy would just bring out his lighter while the nerd guy takes 10 minutes to assemble his homemade potato lighter.
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This one had me laughing the whole way through. In the 10 minutes that it took to make the fire, the guy could have:
- asked a neighbor for a lighter
- used his stovetop
- rubbed two sticks together (or used steel wool)
- etc.

I was just waiting for him to pull out a lighter and light the whole contraption on fire. Interesting little battery, but rather ridiculous concept to use if trying to "impress" a girl.
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It might not impress a girl, but it certainly is something to try for the bored geeks at home.

I should try it sometime-- it's not practical, but it's immensely awesome.
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It saddens me slightly that I already knew how to do this... A better trick for picking up girls in bars is getting the bartender to give you a small glass of 151, soaking a hundred dollar bill in it and lighting it on fire. It won't burn (test this first if you've never done it, just in case) and, even if she's not impressed by your useless chem knowledge, she'll know you have enough money in your wallet to cover her tab for the night...
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Tell her if she wants to smoke, get her own light and go outside.

The how-to should have been how to get a real bikini girl to pose for your movie rather than filming a magazine pic.
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It's a simple half-cell galvanic reaction. Essentially the potato and salt act like the inside of a battery and placing the wires together creates a flow of current with a combination of heat and a spark (that's why you wait 5 mins to "charge" up the cell. The cotton merely catches the spark and creates the flame.
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Just by seeing the ingedients he uses, you can already tell that its not going to work ... how would salt and toothpaste mixed together inside a potato and 2 wires start a fire ,,, it makes no sence ,,, however, out of bordem and the possiblity that it may work , I tryed. Twice lol haha and guess what it didnt big surprise there.... and for the guy that made the comment on the glass of 151 and the 100 dollar bill... That wont work either your bill would burn....It's rubbing alcohol and a little bit of water.. the alcohol burns off as the water preserves the paper...
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all these comments are funny. my friend wanted to try it but i said it wouldnt work.he said it would he got all the stuff and tried and it didnt work( obiously) and he took my lighter and went to his pond tied a string to it used my lighter to light it and threw it in there.he took it out and threw it away and the whole time from after 4mins 50secs i was lmfao!
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