Have you ever wondered what happens after you die? Thanatorama is a French flash documentary that explains the process. You may select English subtitles. During the presentation, click on the upper left to navigate the chapters. Link -via Metafilter

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Oh brother. My second comment wasn't about the Thanatorium web site. That was just boring.

My comment (11) was directed to Carl Huber's reaction (10) to Von Skippy's comment (6) after John J's comment (1).

I said "apparent attitude", L. Some people could over-react to John's comment in the same way that Carl over-reacted to Von Skippy's comment. And you don't have to look up "smugly superior" in the dictionary. Sounds like you've got that one well in hand.

The only thing on the web site that even came close to "spirit" was the cursor as a tiny glowing ball that you could pretend you were putting up the bums of the people in the pictures.
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Slow but interesting.
I guess the 'spirit' is a translaton glitch : I watched it in French and there was no mention of it.
But maybe I could have dozed 2 mn... ;)
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I found it too slow. I got bored and left.

And if ted finds John J.'s attitude to be one of "smug superiority"... I guess I need to go look up those words again. And maybe take some lessons on how to be easily offended online. Because, you know, everybody's doin' it nowadays...
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i'm a firm atheist. i wasn't offended, and i don't suppose that anybody should be that easily offended unless they enjoy causing a sensation. it didn't occur to me that the site was trying to be definitive, either. they chose to tell the story with a spiritual edge, and it was a nice narrative and provided a good amount of factual content as well. i didn't feel preached to at all.
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