The Peckham House

Most people saw this small plot of land in southeast London and thought it was too small for anything but a broom closet, but not Monty Ravenscroft. After buying the land, he built an amazing house with a retractable roof and tons of space-saving tricks:

Monty's particular ideas and vision are found all over the house. It is full of unusual touches. A bathroom sink concealed in a drawer. An open-plan ensuite shower. A translucent glass toilet wall that adjoins the lounge: 'When it's backlit you get silhouettes - which is more of a problem for men than women.'

Possibly the quirkiest feature can be found in the bedroom, where you'll find a bed that can be slid sideways to reveal a bath. 'I don't have time for baths,' Monty explains. 'Most houses have baths because it's what you're supposed to have - they take up lots of space but are never used. People have showers in baths, which is fine but tedious. With this bath, bathing is a special occasion, a theatrical thing.'

Monty is proud of all these details. How every wall 'floats' without touching ceiling, floor or another wall. The hidden stair rail fixings. The space-saving pigeon steps to the two mezzanine bedrooms that not only float but also gently spring as you ascend them - 'People find them more disconcerting than I thought.'

Link - via Apartment Therapy, Thanks Becky :)!

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This house from original design, to construction to final fit, and finally to a walkthrough of the complete volume, was expertly recorded by Channel 4's "Grand Designs" team: The ever thoughtfully entertaining Kevin McCloud narrates throughout the series and even lends a hand with the build in places. In this case, even cutting new threads on the mis-sized bolts for the retractable roof.
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This really goes to show that necessity truly is the mother of invention. It takes cramped quarters to create something amazing like this. Awesome innovation!
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