HP Lovecraft-inspired Poster

Julien Notter and Sébastien Vigne of at-elier created this awesome optical-illusion poster inspired by HP Lovecraft:

Now, one would think an op-art Cthulhu would be a lot more appropriate than just a plain ol’ skull, right? But I dare you to stare at this thing for more than a minute without it opening a gateway to unknown, eldritch dimensions of space and time that will suck your mind into its whirling depths of labyrinthine madness.

http://www.ectomo.com/index.php/2007/10/25/cthulhu-cthursday-french-op-art-skull-loves-lovecraft/ (with larger pic - be ware, may open a portal to R'lyeh or somethin')

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lovecraft was a known Ichthyophobic.... im all about lovecraft, but i don't see how this fits in with him. i was expecting to see a cthulhu head or dagon or something... but its just a skull
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I could have said that it was a poster inspired in stephen king and it would've been the same. Nothing to do with Lovecraft, an octopus would be a better choice.
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i think it's a great design. but if some folks are nitpicking the place of skulls in lovecraft, well....what can i say ? read the post again. it's hard to look at and makes for creepy optical effects and mirrors into forbidden realms are in keeping with the themes of lovecraft not to mention tombs and ancient relics. ie: what's to get ?
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