Non-lethal Mousetrap Made from Everyday Objects by Roger Arquer

Spanish industrial designer Roger Arquer used every day objects like drinking glass, bottles, and metal springs (with bits of cheese as bait, of course!) to create clever non-lethal mousetraps.

Perfect for those who want a DIY non-kill traps, though I wouldn't reuse that drinking glass... Link | Roger's website [Flash, navigate to Work > Product > Icon that looks like a sideways bottle] - via Boing Boing

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My grandpa had a camp in the woods that he would only visit every couple of weeks or even once a month. Kill trapping mice would've left a terrible stink.

He had a 5 gallon bucket with a wire handle. the handle had a plastic holder part that could spin like this:

He'd put some food in the bottom of the bucket, smear peanut butter on the handle, and place a small board up the side of the bucket as a ramp.

The mice would jump for the peanut butter, the handle would roll and drop them in the bottom, and they'd be there a week later for him to release.
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And what do you with the mouse afterwards? You can't let it outside because it will just come right back in and driving out into the wilderness to release it into the wild seems a little silly. (Reminds me of Louis DePalma on Taxi singing Born Free when he released a rat outside)

Anyway, I have a great, if decidedly lethal, mouse trap in my cat. She left me another gift on the bathroom floor this afternoon.
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