Mole Day

Gosh darn it! I missed Mole Day yesterday!

What's Mole Day? It's not a day celebrating the burrowing mammal. Instead, if you remember your high school chemistry, it's a day that celebrates Avogadro's Number (approximately 6.022×1023). That's Mr. Avogadro on the left there.

Chemists in US celebrate Mole Day between 6:02 AM and 6:02 PM on 10/23 (6:02 10/23 - get it?).

Link - Thanks Andrew Lawandus!

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I definitely didn't miss mole day, I spent the day with the Chemistry Club, making hydrogen, blowing things up with hydrogen, and amazing children with fiery ice, oscillating reactions, bubbles filled with methane, and all those awesome little demos. :)
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"Mole Day"

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