Mac II Couch

Behold the Macintosh II Couch in a Mac Store in Missouri:

A couch constructed from 20 Macintosh II computers at the Mac Store in Maryland Heights, Missouri. It's strong enough to sit upon (since the boxes were built to hold heavy 20" monitors) and surprisingly comfortable -- although I wouldn't want to nap on it.

Yes, those are real computers, held together with drywall screws. The owner tells me it isn't for sale, but considering the original top-of-the-line Mac II sold for around $5,500, that couch could go for over $100,000.

Link - via Geekologie

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I never worked there but I did frequent the store a lot. When I first discovered CWW Computer's they were located off Olive in Creve Coure, MO. They then relocated to Maryland Heights off Adie Road. From there I don't know where they went. I seems as though I was there one month and the next month when I went back they were gone.

It sucks because they were one of very few places in St. Louis that still dedicated time and effort to the Macintosh. MacHQ is alright but it is no MacStore by any means. CompUSA was my last restore for local Mac hardware/software. Now that they have vacated the St. Louis area I am stuck with online vendors.... I don't even consider the Apple Stores that are located around the city because they don't have the foggiest ideas about anything other than whats currently on the market by Apple.

It sucks I know...we need another MacStore. If there is anyone who knows of another place similar to the MacStore in the St. Louis area, please post.

BTW...what ever happened to A-Z Used Computers?
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Heh. I had forgotten about that couch. Had it in the store, right next to the door.

I used to work there as well, but left before the couch was built. Makes me wonder what happened to not only the couch, but everyone who was working there after the store was sold...
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I worked at that store before they were sold to somebody else, and then the new owners disappeared. I have no idea what happened to the couch, but put a cushion on it and it could be surprisingly comfortable; the cases were made to hold up to 76-pound monitors, but they gave just a little bit when somebody would sit on them. (Apple was relentless in killing the small-time computer dealers, and the Mac Store, formerly CWW Computers, was another casualty.)
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