Anti-Sit Technology: No Steam For You!

Transfer blog has a large collection of the anti-sit technology, which uses spikes and what-not to make darned sure you aren't sitting, skateboarding, or getting some steam (see above) on a choice piece of urban real estate. - via Cliff Pickover's Reality Carnival

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Are we sure it's just because they don't want people on the vents, or that maybe people sleeping on/blocking the vents causes some sort of issues because the steam/hot air can't escape?
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Oh boo hoo. The US spends billions on it's welfare programs, yet you people want to begrudge businesses that actually work for their money (and pay the taxes for all those welfare programs) the right to protect their own property?
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Just shows what we think of each other anymore. Irritations, like pigeons to be "shoo'ed" away. I can understand why they do it for things like pipes (that could be bent with too much weight), but planters? Sheesh! Why make something look like a bench if you don't want people to sit on it?

I should make an "anti-spike" city seat cushion for the elderly. Hard puncture-proof top layer (with soft cover), with softer foam under-layer for the spikes to puncture/anchor into (so the seat dosn't wobble).

You'd have to be a complete jerk to refuse a tired person a place of rest.
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What a shame! The owner of the business could have spent the money he spent on the contraption to keep homeless people off his grate on charity programs that help get the homeless off the streets. That would have fought the problem at its source, and had a little compassion. What a heartless soul!

Someone in my hometown has recently put up benches at some of the public bus stops (There were no bus benches at all before.). I ride the bus and was happy to see the benches go up, but then a took a better look at them. They're the type with the big divider bumps in them to discourage people from laying down on them. That's just sad. The benches are looking for advertisers for the signage part of the bench. I can't wait till they hit my business up and I get to give them a piece of my mind.
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