VideoSift: Bowling!

It's Friday night, and I'm all about the bowling clips found on VideoSift - the best video sharing website there is! (I used to work in a bowling alley, y'know! There's nothing like spraying odor-eater on rental bowling shoes ... the horror!)

Furries vs. Klingon
It's a showdown on bowling night - who will win? The Furries or the Klingons?

Link | See also this post on Boing Boing

Two Lane Spare
This is a very neat bowling trick: picking spares ... across two bowling lanes! Link

Did you like that? How about doing it backwards between your legs? Link

Spinning Ball Spare
Here's another trick: Norm Duke performing his Spinning Ball Spare.


Car Bowling
Here's the reason why throwing a bowling ball onto a ramp from a moving car is a bad, bad, bad idea!


Let Go of the Ball!
We've featured this one before, but it's so cool I'd just have to show it again: Mike Machuga performing what is now called the Machuga Flop (yes, it's a joke). Link

For more the web's most interesting videos, check out: VideoSift.

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Read the comments on the last video. People were speculating if he really messed up or's hilarious.

Someone has a theory that he realized he messed up the shot but just held on to the ball so it wouldn't be a foul. Lol.
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I took some 10 year olds bowling once. One of the kids went to throw his ball and it flew out of his hand and over into the next lane. My embarrassment disappeared when HE PICKED UP THE SPARE in the OTHER lane! Wow.
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