Giant VHS Tape as 2001 Space Odyssey's Monolith

Artist David Herbert of Seattle, Washington, created this monolith à la Arthur C. Clarke's 2001 Space Odyssey from a giant VHS videocasette of the movie!

Link to David's website (tons of other great art) - via The Stray Voltage and GeekAlerts

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James is right. The only way he could have ever conceived of such a thing is MST3K. The fact that the artist didn't credit the source is insulting. Everyone in the world knows MST3K and despite the fact that James couldn't remember the episode where the reference appears as a short joke scene at the end of a relatively underground show that appeared on a basic cable show that went off the air 12 years ago should in no way excuse what is clearly a reference to a joke so hilarious that it is practically part of our national fabric.

Also, you know who also ripped off the MST3K joke? That Willie Wonka movie where they substituted a giant chocolate bar for the monolith. And any of the dozens of other comedies (both on TV and in movies) that have riffed on it since the film was released 43 years ago.

Well done James. Nicely spotted.
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Very artistic, but Mystery Science Theater 3000 did this first in the episode where they transistioned from Dr. Forrester and TV's Frank being the villains to Pearl Forrester (Dr. Forrester's mom) being the villain.

I wish I could remember the name of the movie that features the 2001: A Space Odyssey spoof at the end... but in the final scene, Dr. Forrester is in bed reaching up towards the giant VHS tape. The tape is labeled "The Worst Movie Ever Made."

I'm guessing that's where this guy got the idea. Would be nice if he gave credit where credit is due. (According to Wikipedia, it's in the episode Laserblast: )
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