Killer whales!

This remarkable clip from National Geographic shows large killer whales literally beaching themselves to catch and consume sea lions. The strangest part of the clip involves the two whales playing catch with one another using a live sea lion, flinging it back and forth through the air. The video is worth a peak, even if animal footage isn't normally your cup of tea. YouTube.

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Was the footage from "Blue Planet?" I'd look, but I'm a low-speed connection right now. Blue Planet is a great documentary - the new super-clear way they have of shooting under water is astonishing. I wonder if it's available in HD.
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Was just about to post the same type of comment Declan Gordon, but you said it for me. It made me ill the way it was narrated, and the music they chose was completely inappropriate. Long live Attenborough!!
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This voice over is absolutely sickening, "these adorable sea lion pups are about to be imperilled, but fear not retarded viewer, both slack of jaw and mind, this drama has a surprise ending"

I mean the infantilisation of documentarys today is disgusting

This footage is from an older david attenborough program. The man told you about the reasons for the sea lions choice of breading ground, the pressures on the whales diet and the positively amazing usage of surface tension as a focusing optic. I want to rip this failed newsreaders throat out!

Pet hate, sorry, im done
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"Killer whales!"

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