Trivia: World's Hardest Tongue Twister

World's hardest tongue twister is "The sixth sick sheik's sixth sheep's sick."

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I AGREE, THAT THIS IS A HARD TONGUE TWISTER, BUT DISAGREE THAT IT IS THE HARDEST. I WILL NAME HARDER ONE'S. FOR EXAMPLE ONE I INVENTED: (Epileptic Hiccup). try saying <<< that 3-5 times "fast/ really fast." Now here is another one, but I did not make this one up, or any of the others I am about to give you, or any one else. Here it is: (Red Leather, Yellow Leather). try saying <<>> MOVING ON TO MORE HARD TONGUE TWISTERS: I do agree with the person above who said "Irish Wrist Watch" is a hard tongue twister because it is for a lot of people. Try saying ("Irish Wrist Watch") 3-5 times "fast/ really fast." P.S. to Matt O'Brien, I knew about that tongue twister also. ANOTHER TONGUE TWISTER IS: (UNIQUE NEW YORK) TRY SAYING <<< THAT 3-5 TIMES "FAST/ REALLY FAST". LAST BUT NOT LEAST THE LAST TONGUE TWISTER I HAVE IS: (YOU KNOW YOU NEED UNIQUE NEW YORK). TRY SAYING <<< THAT 3-5 TIMES "FAST/ REALLY FAST". Remember: ("Epileptic Hiccup") is by Jake Luba.
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The hardest i've come across is actually Russian. Phonetically in English it is:

Yekhal gryeka chyeryez ryeku. Vidit gryeka v ryekye rak. Tsunul gryeka ruku v ryeku. Rak zaruku gyeki tsap.
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