GloFish: Fluorescent Pet Fish

A while ago, scientists at the National University of Singapore created transgenic, fluorescent zebra fish by injecting red, green, and orange fluorescence genes from a jellyfish into the fish eggs. They did this so the fish could help detect environmental pollutants.

Now, you can actually have them for pets! They are marketed under the name GloFish, and look very cool under a black light. Link - Thanks moniA!

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What Monia was saying is that there was a scientist who sent proteins that glowed through the fish, trying to see what proteins do and where/how they function. It then turned out that the whole fish would glow. He was trying to work out a way to incorporate this into the fishes'DNA, but Dr. Gong of Singapore beat him to it. The guy was around in the 50s
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I own 3 one of each color they are so cool not only that when you buy them a portion of the prophit goes to the scientist who created them get some money to continue the reacearch
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the reason they dont have any thing like this for humans is for ethical reasons ( u can just guess at what arguements lay there) and also because the person will live like that for the rest of the lives and there is no possible way to change it back. But DNA is used to make insulin. Insulin used to come from horse blood and caused complications etc. due to the antibodies fighting off the foreign horse insulin.Now human insulin is produced in transgenic bacteria that have had the human gene that produces insulin inserted in them, therefore human insulin is now readily available.

Sorry so long but for ppl having problems with getting the fish to glow try buying a black light.
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I bought 3 of these 2nite, pink, orange and eletric yellow, Howdo yu get them to glo? I hv them in a 10 gal tank all by themselves... any ideas?
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