Archive for September 16th, 2007

Storm Drain Street Art

6emeia, a street art project by SAO! and Delafuent of São Paulo, Brazil, features whimsical street paintings where storm drains and sewers are transformed into fantastic works of art!Link: 6emeia | gallery at fotoblog...

The Moon, Stars, and Aurora Borealis Over Earth

This fantastic photo of the Moon, the stars, and Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) over Earth was taken by the International Space Station (Expedition 13) in 2006.There's more:

GloFish: Fluorescent Pet Fish

A while ago, scientists at the National University of Singapore created transgenic, fluorescent zebra fish by injecting red, green, and orange fluorescence genes from a jellyfish into the fish eggs. They did this so the...

PostSecret: a Spam Blog According to Blogger

Something weird is happening at Post Secret, the popular blog that features secrets mailed in anonymously in art-form on postcards by its viewers.Today, the blog was gone: it was shut down by Blogger, a free blogging ser...

NosePouch, the Best Invention in Handkerchief Since the Dark Ages!

According to the website, the NosePouch is newest functional invention in a handkerchief since the Dark Ages! The new "pouch" design helps contain "excessive nasal discharge" (read: boogers!)...


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