You are likely to be eaten by a grue

Yes - I poached this from BoingBoing, but only because I found it to be so NEAT.

If you're of "a certain age," - and you're a geek - then you might remember playing the text adventure game Zork (you can play an online version here). MC Frontalot remembers, apparently, and he's recorded a catchy and cool nerdcore rap tune and video in honor of Zork - It Is Pitch Black.

The YouTube version of the video is fine, imo, however for the REAL nerds out there, higher-res downloadable versions are available on MC Frontalot's website, including a 474 meg HD version. Fresh.

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i can't find 1 link for this game damit. you all need to get a fucken life. games are not everything. your eyes are probrably blood red and bleeding from these games, maby worse if you where glasses. you nerds and assholes don't know the first thing about life. now grab a girl and have some fun on the bed. and no videogames.
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This is solidly one of the neatest things i've ever seen. I actually had to go download Zork and me and my 20-something friends stared at it for hours. I ended up drowning. pressed the blue button.
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The first versions of the Infocom games came in really cool packages with neat little tchotchkes included. My favorite of all time was Suspended. The box had this creepy molded face, and the game was so complex it had a map of the complex with little chits that represented the robots you were commanding.
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The actual title of the song is IT IS PITCH DARK

You whippersnappers know nothing about quality games, man. Infocom's text adventures were the standard of the day.

Props to Steve Meretzky for the cameo. Don't know who Steve Meretzky is? google him, then pay worship.
If it weren't for him, most of the games you enjoy now wouldn't be as good.

And remember...

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