Russian "Vacuum" Bomb: The Daddy of All Bombs

Not one to be outdone by American arsenal, the Russian had successfully tested a new non-nuclear "vacuum" bomb:

Channel One television said the new weapon, nicknamed the "dad of all bombs" is four times more powerful than the U.S. "mother of all bombs." [...]

The U.S. Massive Ordnance Air Blast, nicknamed the Mother Of All Bombs, is a large-yield satellite-guided, air-delivered bomb described as the most powerful non-nuclear weapon in history.

Channel One said that while the Russian bomb contains 7.8 tons of high explosives compared to more than 8 tons of explosives in the U.S. bomb, it's four times more powerful because it uses a new, highly efficient type of explosives that the report didn't identify.

While the U.S. bomb is equivalent to 11 tons of TNT, the Russian one is equivalent to 44 tons of regular explosives. The Russian weapon's blast radius is 990 feet, twice as big as that of the U.S. design, the report said. | Video at Reuters - Thanks Algonkin!

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Still no where near as strong as our H-bomb (but nuclear) and since the cold war russias defenses are way too weak. and our defenses could shoot down any incoming bomb while its still over the ocean
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Nice reference to Rocky.

Anyways, it works essentially on the same principles as a thermobaric bomb.

Also, the United States invests alot of its money in to R&D. It's only a matter of time before we come out with another cool toy to show off to the world. Hell, most of our toys make cruises around the world all year, all the time...that's the difference between us and the rest of the world.
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Just for some scale, the Hiroshima bomb was somewhere around 15,000 tons of TNT depending on who you talk to. Even with that said, 44 tons of TNT is still pretty impressive. Being a physicist, I'm definitely curious to find out how they did it
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