The New Zealand All Blacks rugby team popularized the ceremonial haka {wiki} dance worldwide, although they are far from the only sports team to use it. The blog Rugby World Cup 2007 has several videos explaining the meaning of the haka, plus the lyrics. Link -via Reddit

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That U of H story of them being penalised is disgraceful.

So every trace of indigenous culture must be ground down for Big Mac homogeneous USA?

Makes a little bit more of our souls die back.


On another point I would say that when it comes to hard ball sports it is a dead heat between Rugby (League and Union), but Aussie Rules Football beats em by a short nose.

Footie, as it's known in Oz, is the game with the longest match length, the largest pitch, the highest jumping the hardest tackling game on the Planet.

They only introduced rules about bleeding during the late 80's, and then only as a silly safe guard against AIDS.

The Dipper, Robert DiPierdomenico, played the last 2 quarters of the Grand Final in 1989 against Geelong, with several broken ribs and a PUNCTURED LUNG!

They are, with the exception of Tony Liberatore, very tall, run the equivalent of a marathon each game and move a mountain with every tackle.

Oh did I mention no armour?

Anyway, check it out.
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The NZL All Blacks are not the only sporting team to use the Haka before a match, in this current world cup so to do the Tongan team. A number of other Pacific Island nations also use a Haka to begin a game.

Any detractors from the US should also note that in a game of rugby you wont see helmets and pads such as is used in NFL. This is because wimps dont play real football.
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I really hope they dont ban this, as has been rumored.

'Ya, the better part of polynesia will be gone in 40 years due to water levels, lets ban the one thing that anyone even remotly knows about the culture (mrricans seen it on da teevees) =D.'

And I am a former football playing mrrrrican and yes Rugby is 100x more hardcore! I have no problem saying it. Lived in Hawaii for a time and simply put 'dont screw 'round haole'...because they will stomp a hole in you. =D
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what I dislike about teh modern Haka, is how its been marketed as part of the All Blacks and the original meaning of the challange is never spoken.

What you see now, and on those videos is the sanitised explanation of Te Rauparaha's 'Ka Mate Ka Mate. Only real kiwis seem to know the meaning of it.

click on the link for what it really means.
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