1,000 days at sea.

Reid Stowe and his girlfriend Soanya Ahmad are on day 143 of a planned 1,000 day voyage in the South Atlantic on a 70-foot schooner.
Stowe calls his project the Mars Ocean Odyssey, because he thinks the journey will provide valuable lessons for a manned flight to Mars, when astronauts would be confined to a small vessel for two to three years, separated from terra firma and most of humanity.

A representative for NASA says she doesn't know anyone at the agency who is following Stowe's mission.

The 55-year-old Stowe is an experienced sailor, having logged several very long trips, including a voyage to Antarctica in 1986. 24-year-old Ahmad never stepped foot on a boat before meeting Stowe four years ago. The world record for the longest continuous sail is currently 657 days. Link to article. Link to website.

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I agree with Capt. Hazybeer. At first I was extremely interested. Now it is just creepy. 55 year-old dude talks some naive 24 year-old into floating around in circle with bean spouts and parmesian cheese.

Did this guy ever have a job? Is there any verification that they hit this freighter? I would suspect that an ocean-going vessel would have to file a report due to a collision.

Creepy, creepy, creepy guy.
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I have been following this voyage from the beginning. At first I thought that some useful information would come from it. Now that it is months in, I see it as no more than a grueling marathon of one MAN'S quest for fame (and if he makes most likely fortune). I feel bad for Soanya. At 24 and having never been out at sea, and probably having never been in any type of long term relationship, I feel she will collapse mentally and physically. Reid should have been more responsible, and not have lured or encouraged a "girl" to become part of his selfish vision. What a wad of sh*t.
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The Reidhovians are busy cheering him on and censoring their blog so that no real questions regarding his "space oddity" can be asked.
Not to be missed links
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1000daysofhell.blogspot.com A Parody

http://youtube.com/watch?v=PCZS73CH1wU Reidhovian Bon Voyage video

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZNhvJjGH_4 VOID HO be forwarned, do not drink while watching or you may suffer keyboard damage.
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Of course, exactly like a Mars voyage. What utter B.S.
If these two make it back alive it will be a miracle because it would certainly have nothing to do with preparation, seamanship or a seaworthy boat. The Cheese Scow Anne will sink or they become weak and sick from poor diet. One way or another it will end badly.
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Reid left his wife & child, married again, and was looking for crewmates on "Myspace". The prison registry shows Reid did some time as well. Sonya might be youger than his daughter Viva. It's for science so that's a good thing. Creepy is in the eyes of the beholder.
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