Spooky Pre-9/11 Images

Dark Roasted Blend has a collection of images that predate 9/11, but eerily forshadow the destruction of the Twin Towers. Link

Other 9/11 anniversary links:

The progress in rebuilding at Ground Zero.

Ursi’s Blog has a roundup of 9/11 memorial links today.

Metafilter has a ton of music video links for Patriot Day.

An essay from a New Yorker: I am Not Afraid.

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Why stop there?
Why not remember the innocent people killed by the Iraqi and Afghan governments before Sept 11?

Is the coalition actually killing all those people? I think a few suicide bombers are helping out.
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Let's take a moment and remember the lives of the innocent people lost-- the 100,000+ Afghani and Iraqi civilians killed by coalition weapons and tactics in reaction to the Saudi Arabian terrorist actions of 11/9/2001.
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PEOPLE PEOPLE ITS TIME I LIFT THE WOOL FROM YOUR EYES. Every conspiracy out there was committed by... THE US POST OFFICE!!! I fear my time is short now that I have announced this!

Nothing escape the all seeing eyes of the US Post office! Even the British soldiers in the War of 1812 were too afraid to burn down their building when they invaded Washington DC.

*puts on his aluminum foil hat*
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I just keep in mind that while OBL may still be free, he will have to answer to a Higher Authority eventually, one that he can't hide from.

We were living in Austin when 9/11 happened. I'd just fallen asleep after a long graveyard shift at Motorola, and my Mom called. Eric (hubby) answered...I half-heard the TV turn on, then I drifted off to sleep. The next thing I knew he was slamming the bedroom door open and shouting GET UP, DENITA! WE'RE AT WAR!

I thought he was joking. I came stumbling out of the bedroom and it took several seconds for me to realize that what was playing out on my television screen wasn't some cheesy movie. I don't remember much after that, just falling to my knees and crying out Why, Why, Why? over and over.

Later that day we went to the store to pick up a bunch of stuff. The silence was terrifying--the roads were virtually empty, and there was none of the usual rumble of jets and helicopters filling the airspace above. The local HEB had changed their PA radio to a local station rather than the usual store music. Radio commentators were losing their emotions at every turn, none of them could relate the unfolding events without bursting into tears or devolving into fury. I couldn't stop crying.

The phone rang non-stop for two days afterwards. Friends checking in on us, co-workers asking if we knew how this would affect our jobs, and family just letting us know they loved us. If it wasn't ringing, we were dialing out, checking on loved ones ourselves.

In the wake of such a horrifying tragedy, however, something wonderful was begotten: During that Holiday season, unsure of the fate of the nation and our lives, Eric and I spent more time together. And because of this, our son was born--one year and eight days after a group of men thought they could snuff all hope from our world.

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