Not your mom's Tetris

Or, perhaps more accurately, not MY mom's Tetris.

Back in the old days (the late 1980s), my mom loved Tetris so much that the old amber monitor on her IBM PC-XT actually had the Tetris screen burned into it (along with her accounting software's main menu).

I've never seen anyone play Tetris better than my mom, until I saw this guy. Video at YouTube.

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this is real and there is more to this than meets the eye
for a fasinating essay on this game, follow the link:
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In Japan you can find nearly every game as a arcade version.

@ My ASS & ceolaf:
You underestimate the obsessiveness with and dedication to arcade games of some (mostly) Japanese or Korean players.
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FIrst, waiting for a long piece is a sucker's game. Eventually, you WILL go too long without one. If your are not playing a timed version, then then key to a high score is to play for as long as possible. So, take it when it is there, but don't force it.

Second, I've got to agree with #5. I don't know the arcade version, but it didn't look to me like s/he was actually controlling it. How was he rotating and dopping? His/her hand motions did not seem to match that. I think that someone can play nearly that fast, and can even process it that fast, but there are physical constraints.

(The key to playing that fast is not to look at the board. Instead, you focus on the next piece and keep a representation of the board in you head. When you are in the zone, all you can see in the your is possibilities for where each kind of piece can go, without real awareness of what is going on more than 4 rows down. Or at least that is how it is for me.)
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