Monkey Brand Black Tooth Powder

bunnyboy of monkeymonkeymonkey blog has a strange hobby. OK, maybe it's an obsession: he reviews toothpastes. And not just any toothpaste. He finds and uses really, really strange ones.

Like this one above: the Monkey Brand Black Tooth Powder.

Close your eyes and imagine this. Charcoal, ground to a fine powder. Vicks Vapor Rub, in all it’s eye watering, nasal clearing goodness. Now imagine these two things together, in your mouth!

Monkey Brand Black Toothpowder – April 2007s Toothpaste of the Month.
Sure, at first imagining, Charcoal plus Vicks Vapor Rub may not sound too appetizing; and I will admit that it is an acquired taste. Once you have acquired the taste though, and the ability to stomach the gritty, dry, gagging texture, you have a toothpaste that gets your mouth clean like no other. It is a bit like sandblasting the gunk off your teeth. They are really squeaky clean after the rinse. And believe it or not, it is both a whitening toothpaste and an Ayurvedic Medicine! Oh Monkey Brand has it’s down side, the spatter of black dried spit that coats the sink and walls, the aforementioned texture and the container that is strangely hard to open.

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Actually, I purchased this toothpaste today at an Indian shop. I right away noticed the black contrasting around the gum line and I rinsed and picked all of that out... BUT... This is NOT what makes the teeth look whiter. My teeth have always been decently white, but just like anybody's teeth I have some plaque. If I look closely, I can see it spotted over my teeth. After brushing with this, I no longer have that even though I have had it for years! My teeth aren't even this clean after the dentist.
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i have this toothpaste and have used it on and off for years. strangely enough i too am a strange toothpaste afficionado and am curious to check out the competition. however, this toothpaste while not as challenging as it might sound doesn't actually whiten your teeth at all. what it does is deposit a totally temporary thin line of black at the juncture of your teeth and gums so that by contrast your teeth do appear whiter. it took me awhile to catch on. it's not gross and does a pretty decent tooth cleaning job but it does seem a little abrasive on the enamel for everyday use. my personal favorite is Weleda brand salt toothpaste. it tastes great and makes your mouth feel incredibly clean. that said, most strange toothpastes come from countries that aren't renowned for attractive teeth. flouride might be implanting masonic, alien signals in all our brains but americans have pretty nice teeth overall.
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