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Bestselling author Neil Gaiman wrote about his recent trip to China, including the experience of holding a year-old panda in his lap.
Utter, utter happiness. Better than any number of awards. Makes being a writer completely worthwhile. I suspect that world peace and harmony would come about in weeks if people just got to put pandas on their laps every few months. Honest.

Link -via Exploding Aardvark

Also read about how giraffes hide in Beijing.

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"man-eating wild panda"

Shurely shome mishtake..?


"Diet -- Despite its taxonomic classification as a carnivore, the panda has a diet that is primarily herbivorous, which consists almost exclusively of bamboo. However, pandas still have the digestive system of a carnivore and do not have the ability to digest cellulose efficiently..."
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Yes, the drop bears will follow you through the trees and wait until you fall asleep. Though in some areas their numbers are sinking due to wiser (and more violent) people's tendencies to shoot a couple of rounds into any and all trees around them.
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Maybe if they had every World Leader do this then perhaps we can get some real World peace in the works. However, I do somewhat share the sentiments of artbot. ;)
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