Baby Cologne

Does your baby suffer from B.O.? If yes, then this is for you: a Baby Cologne:

JOHNSON'S® Baby Cologne has a gentle, fresh fragrance with a pleasant combination of floral and citrus hints. It leaves your baby smelling clean and fresh.

Sent in by Neatorama reader Tiffany, who found it in a Wal-Mart checkout line, right next to cans of Axe Body Spray - Thanks Tiffany!

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How is this uncommon? It's been around for decades all over Asia and Europe, and it's not to use for when your baby smells like poop, it's just so that baby smells nice and clean when its unconvenient for a bath. It helps relax and soothe with the fresh scent, and FYI there isn't any alcohol in baby cologne, even says so on the label.
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Baby colognes have been used for decades around the world and they are dermatologically tested. Even at hospitals in some countries they give a small bottle of baby cologne for the baby. Of course, when your baby smell you give him-her a bath and after that you splash baby cologne on them and believe me even the babies love it. It is like when an adult uses perfume, you put parfum after a shower, bath....
If you are worry about the chemicals use baby cologne for your self too! Instead of other men-women fragrances
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Heh heh ... Unlike "free"healthcare, L and I agree on this topic! I'm not crazily anti-chemical or anything, but it seems kinda kooky to perfume a very young child that is just developing its immune system.

Oh I've got an 8 month old by the way (generally smells good, unless there is a load in his diaper). After the birth, the doctors/nurses at the hospital(and subsequently his new pediatrican as well) cautioned against using baby powder. The fear is that the very fine talc dust can irritate their lungs. Considering how long baby powder has been around, I suspect the risk is pretty low, but I guess there have probably been some instances (maybe with stupid parents generating a huge dust cloud -- I don't know). What I'm getting at is that the "proper" way to care for a child is CONTINUALLY under change and varies with time and geographic location. And all the "experts" try to guilt trip you into following their advice -- nevermind 10 years earlier the exact opposite was "essential". Makes me laugh a bit...
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