Board-Faced Baroque.

According to English Russia, this was a fashion in 19th-century Russian villages. Note that even the pillars are made from wooden slats.

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the base of corinthian columns is usually nice, small, round, plain doric. but this is, um... vertical cinderblocks?

maybe this is page one of an extreme makeover design manual for trailer parks...
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I can't say the blue appeals to me, but that's probably a matter of local style. I really do like the "boarding" and the windows are great.

Wait until they learn about vinyl siding and windows... Ugh. Nothing screws up an old house faster. Some idiots down the road from me just had the original (~1850) windows torn out of their farmhouse and replaced with ugly vinyl ones. Those "drafty" and "stuck" old windows were not only easy to fix & weatherstrip (for a lot less $ than new ones), but if they insisted on removing them, worth a lot to people in architectural salvage business or just preservation minded old house owners like myself. Unfortunately, I spotted their glaringly ugly replacements after the job was done and I was too late. I didn't have the heart to tell them that I would have paid them about $2,000 for the 30+ windows they tossed into the dumpster. Other people might have paid even more if the sizes were close to what they needed. Idiots.
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