Help Desk Warning Sign.

Better think twice before asking a stupid question! This picture is from Flickr user matildaben. Link -via Reddit

Doesn't this kind of fly in the face of, 'there are no stupid questions' etc? If people need help don't they, um, need help, no matter what their level of proficiency? How about a line of signs regarding impatient, arrogant, or just generally difficult help desk people?
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Wow. I actually have this sign up where I work. That's brilliant. And yes, Mike S, there are some very stupid questions (along with some very stupid people).
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Stop crying. This is *obviously* about the help desk's point of view. That you can't realize that and instead whine that it should say the reverse demonstrates the validity of the sign.
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There are three types of dumb questions:
1) Those that seem dumb to a help desk tech who's heard the same question fifty times before, even if the user hasn't. (Not necessarily dumb.)
2) The types of questions that are thoroughly explained on the help desk's website, which the user ignores so as to have a live human being tell him the exact same thing. (Pretty dumb, but not worth the liability.)
3) The same question, over and over, from the same user. (Blowtorch candidate.)
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Helpdesk folks don't forget it is these blowtorch candidates that have you employed (job security). So be glad you have these stupid questions coming your way otherwise you would be cleaning Windows.
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Matt, I definately recognize a fellow help desk veteran here. Bill, I agree that the blowtorch candidates provide great job security, but sometimes their impact on personal sanity quotients aren't worth it. I personally plan to get a copy of this brilliant policy to post at work.
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