Bulletproof Backpack

Mike Pelonzi and his partner Joe curran developed "My Child's Backpack" a bulletproof backpack that features a ballistic panel sewn into the back of the bag.

According to the company, the backpack has been certified as Level II body armor, which means it can protect against 9 mm bullets.

Link (Image from Boston Herald) | Company's website - Thanks David R!

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There have been some good points. Yeah, how is a tiny knapsack really going to slow down anybody on a shooting spree? It's a really stupid idea, and preys upon a victim mentality.

Point #2: yes, Thebes, said crazed killers do usually pick a spot where they can cause a lot of mayhem with little resistance. The killer at the Amish school last year, targeted the Amish for just that reason. The Chechen terrorists at the school in Russian did the same thing for the same reason. Bullies / killers / terrorists like victims whom can be counted on to roll over and cower in free.

Straight talk from Sid.
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Wouldn't the shooter just avoid the backpack and go for the unprotected areas? And this doesn't look like it would help much unless the shooter was behind you.

As far as teachers carrying guns goes, that thought scares me. I've come across some highly frustrated teachers who would probably snap and take out a whole classroom of kids. And teaching kids about guns? That can be dangerous, too. (Ever seen the video where the cop doing the gun safety lecture shoots himself by accident in a classroom full of kids?)


Besides... supposedly a lot of schools have metal detectors these days. Why aren't they detecting the guns that the wackos are bringing in?
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