Booger Hill Road

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I know of the house you are refering to, The B@B was called the Georgian House. My sons ex wife parents owned it. My son worked there at the B&B for awhie, he said it was haunted. It is a beautiful place.
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How can none of you know. Kids from all over drive up to booger hill. You park your car at the bottom of the hill and put it in neutral and if your car moves on its own up the hill and passes the two tall trees that are on both sides of the road then your supposed to die that night. Supposedly slaves were lynched there back in the day. My friends and I went there in 1998. Our car didn't make it passed the trees on its own so we pushed the gas to get there. Then my dumb ass friends decided to pee all over the trees. Needless to say we all ended up in the hospital that night from getting in a wreck on the way home, all 6 of us. By the way there is not much traffic at 4 in the morning so we basically hit the only other car on the road.
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Okay, so I vistied a house that was for sale two years ago on Booger Hill Road that had the for sale sign almost falling off it had been there so long. It was built I belive in 1917 but looked like it predated the Civil War. It was on three acres of land and was OVER 9000 sq ft. Selling price? $299,000 Yep. $299,000 for a house that had BIG white pillars a HUGE barn in the back. GIGANTIC wood panel doors, a fireplace in EACH of the 6 or 7 bedrooms, Four bathrooms, a pool (That needed relining), a former Coy Pond, and several other rooms in the main house.

I toured the house and was extremely intrigued but ultimately decided not to purchase because I got a bad feeling from the house and had been told it was haunted. Apparently the former owners had tried a B&B but it didn't work out. I am reminiscing about the hosue...I still get the chills a little but have checked periodically if it's on the market again. just curious. Do you know the house I speak of? It's across from a church and close to the hwy leading in to Danielsville on Booger Hill Road.

Just wondering.

Anyway...sorry for the novel, thought I would let you know!

Jo. :)
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The sign you are pointing to is on Hwy. 29 about 1 mile out of Danielsville going toward Athens )the home of the Georgia Bulldogs).

I know this because I live on Booger Hill Road just over 2 miles from the sign. It is a great road to live on. Great neighbors on this road.

Have a great day
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