Overdosing on Red Bull

Remember the story where a girl was taken to the hospital for overdosing on espresso? Here's another story, this time it's Red Bull energy drink:

A MAN whose heart stopped after he consumed eight Red Bull energy drinks in five hours has called for an overhaul of the product's warning labels.

Matthew Penbross, 28, collapsed after downing the popular drinks, each containing 80 milligrams of caffeine, last Sunday.

He drank the Red Bull while competing in a motocross event on the state's Mid North Coast.

His heart stopped and he needed defibrillation from ambulance officers.

Link (pic from Red Bull's entry on Wikipedia) - via i-am-bored

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Had a family member die of a stroke last week. She was working alot trying to get her new boutique open in time. She was drinking Redbull to help her get through the fatigue. No other health problems, not overweight, not a smoker, and not on birth control (which has a risk of stroke in woman over 35). She was 39 years old and they feel like the drink may have contributed to the stroke. I can tell you that even the thought that it may have risk of causing ANY health problems makes me never want to open the first can. It's not worth the potential health effects...
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I call BS, I used to work in a warehouse, running my butt off to make sure trucks got loaded all day and once a week I would down nine to ten redbulls in the span of about five minutes. I would experience a gigantic energy rush, start shaking a little bit and had to pee like a horse every five minutes, but aside from that (and some eye jitters) I was fine.
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I like to drink Vodka + Redbull when I'm at a bar. If you go see a band and get there around 9pm... it's easy to drink 5 to 8 drinks by 3am.

Do it all the time... never felt any heart flutter at all. Perhaps the alcohol counters the caffine affect.
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I could've sworn that they already had a warning on the can. 2 per day max if memory serves.
Now he is calling for an overhaul to the warnings?? What good would that do if he didn't read the original.
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