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I couldn’t find any more information on these tooth keychains, I just know that this dental clinic is somewhere in china. I already feel sad for the tooth fairy. Link via: ehrensenf

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unfortunate bad news.
i got an infection in my gums from removing my tooth which forced me to have surgery and i now have to wear dentures.

i stuffed up big time.

if in doubt see your dentist straight away.

on a positive note my boyfriend likes the advantages of having no teeth :)
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don't know whether anyone's interested, and this is the God's honest truth, but i pulled my own wisdom tooth out on Christmas day and I'll be keeping it as a reminder that "where there's a will there's a way"

four months before i broke my jaw and refused to have it wired. I was warned that my jaw would not heal and that there'd be complications. i listened to what was being said, but i didn't beleive it... i try to heal what i can myself.. needless to say, my jaw healed perfectly, but my wisdom tooth had a mind of its own and it wanted to come out (as a result of the jaw break)

my dentist said she was unable to extract it for fear of breaking my jaw again, and referred me to an 'oral surgeon" who couldn't perform the extraction deed for another six weeks.

being the person i am, i determined that i would get the offending peg out myself.

without complications this christmas day, i took it out. no pain, no anaesthetic, and no complications.

I'm asking my jeweller to turn it into some sort of decorative piece to hang from a silver chain around my neck as a sign of good luck and determination - for the rest of my life!

cheers from the gold coast australia!!
allan hawley-jacobs
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Haha I have an aunt that got some rather lovely earrings made with her daughters' teeth in them. They look like pearls but once she tells the story behind them people get creeped out.
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