Tracking Multiple Objects

Professor Lana Trick of the University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada, studies attention and working memory. One of her research is on object tracking.

See how good you are at tracking multiple objects with this fun (but very hard!) Flash game: - Thanks Wayne B.!

It's oddly dependent on your strategy. If you try to follow them with your eyes, you're stuck. If you defocus and just observe the mass, you're all set. Any yes, it does remind me oddly of playing a healing class in WoW. hehe

Consistently got 2/4 on Difficult and perfect on the easier ones. It's a little annoying though when 3 or 4 converge. Makes you momentarily look there to see which is the one you were trying to track... then you lose one of the other ones.
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i have ADHD. i consistently got a perfect score regardless of the difficulty. in fact, it was easy to track all of the faces all of the time. yet, i can't count things, like ceiling tiles or coins, without making many errors. weird, huh?
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well--- a couple more tries on difficult revealed that it isn't easy to get a perfect score every time. . . when the objects do lots of crossing and converging, and are on opposite sides of the field, it's very difficult to track.
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