There's an Elephant in the Way.

Stumped by a test question? Would you:

A) Put a whole bunch of equations and hope for partial credit, you smarmy kid you ...
B) Write or draw something outrageous and go for comedic gold!

Here's a bunch of actual answers given to teachers by very bold students: Link - via Say No to Crack

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Ouch! They were SO close! They just needed to set those two equations equal to one another and solve for x. Since there is no energy lose due to friction of the ramp, and assuming a perfect spring, the potential of the raised block is equal to the potential imparted to the spring. The block momentarily stops at full spring compression and then is pushed by the spring and goes back to its initial 5 meter height. Conservation of energy at work.
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I took an english class, and at the end of the year we had to turn in ten or so essays on whatever topics we liked. So i did my essays on things the teacher did that pissed me off. :-)
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I did something like this on my essay final for a religious studies class. we had to pick 3 essay questions to answer. I only had answers for 2 so I wrote the teacher a story on why I took the class for the third answer. I got a B in the class. It also happened to be my boyfriend's (at the time) uncle who was teaching the class so I knew he had a sense of humor
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