Hamutsun Serve: Popping Duo from Japan

Hamutsun Serve is a delightful Japanese "popper" duo who performs a street dance style known as popping [wiki].

Check out their performance here: Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] | More Hamutsun Serve [list of YouTube vids] - Thanks Chris!

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this is terrible, have you never seen anything good ever?!? normal 4 year olds could do this, it's really really poor.
as for japan, the usa is in a much worse state, japan's culture is so very different from others that you just dont understand it. i wouldnt want to live there though, i reckon it'd be pretty stressy
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The site's suggest a link won't work, but it relates to this.
Her name is Strong Machine 2 and she's apparently 12 years old, also from Japan
Also check out this one, they're a group called U-Min
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Umm, everything like the states except 1-3. Anyone that's seen the sickening news account of kids and babies being beaten to death, dumped on the streets, tortured, etc. etc., would know that this is quite common.
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Aging/Declining Population.
More Japanese studying abroad.
More Japanese staying abroad.
Lack of innovation.
Declining confidence in their government.
Government corruption/lack of management skills.
Rising Child Abuse/Child Porn.
Huge quantities of racism/discrimination.
Falling Consumer Confidence.
Organized Crime gaining more power.

And for further proof - tentacle porn and Pan-kun's rise to fame.
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