The World’s Most Expensive Desserts

ForbesTraveler lists the most expensive desserts in the world. The one above is called the “Fortress Aquamarine” and costs $14,500.

This dessert, which debuted in March, was inspired by the success of the restaurant’s other gem-studded treat, the Bombay Sapphire Martini. The star of the show is an 80-carat aquamarine gem that rests on a sliver of chocolate shaped to resemble the traditional stilt fisherman that’s part of the resort’s logo. Handmade glass utensils (not included in the price) complete the presentation. And yes, diners can pocket the gemstone after polishing off the dessert. None have yet been sold. – via A Welsh View

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You would think there would be more fruit! ;) lol... for that much money you probably not only expect the gem but that the dessert would be big. Ha, thats not alot of fruit, probably not even a serving of fruit. Whats up with that? One thing will ring true, the first person to buy it will be put in newspapers around the world. Who wouldn't want to be in the spot light of droping almost 15 thou. on a little dessert? Funny thing is no one has baught it yet. LOL Maybe i'll save up some money and be the first. Then the news reporters can ask me what it taste like (Maybe) i'll get my money back with enough people paying me to talk eh?
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The whole thing is a gimick to get rap stars out on the town to part with cash whilst impressing their lady friends. The place envisions Fiddy Snoop Puffy Didling Tupac Dawg rolling up in his Hummer Limo with his posse (and model babes on each arm) and ordering "all the best" because he's a big shot with unlimited green. It's kind of a (large) step up from the old days of impressing folks by buying bottles of Dom Perignon. The idea is the same, though.

Straight talk from Sid.
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