11 Year Old 'Werewolf' Boy

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An 11-year-old boy has hair growing all over his face and body, a rare medical anomaly, and doctors say that laser treatment or plastic surgery is the only way out. Prithviraj Patil, son of a well-to-do farmer in Sangalwadi near Sangli, suffers from a rare medical anomaly though he is otherwise like any normal child.

The child is obviously afflicted with a severe form of hypertrichosis. Hypertrichosis is generalized as excessive hair growth however, in this case, the word ‘excessive’ is a bit of an understatement. Currently there are fewer that 20 living and similar cases reported worldwide. The direct cause of the condition is still unknown and variations can be present at birth or manifest later in life. Furthermore, hypertrichosis can be inherited or appear via spontaneous mutation.

The first well documented case of hypertrichosis occurred in 1557 with the discovery of Petrus Gonzales - Wolf Boy of the Canary Islands. While Prithviraj Patil is the most recent case to come to light, previously Supatra Sasuphan of Thailand garnered media attention for her similar condition.

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I want to treat Prithviraj & all wolf children free of cast as humanity because i have treatment for these children. This is a herbal invention & passed by P.C.S.I.R. I just need their contact, if any body has please tell me, how can i contact them for treatment. My e mail is epco786@hotmail.com phone 0092 333 8766856 0092 302 4000982
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