Archive for August 5th, 2007

Drama On the Savannah

Footage of a pride of lions downing a water buffalo calf. But that isn't the half of it... Video is a little over eight minutes long. Be sure to watch all of it, though. Push Play or go to YouTube. (Shaky-cam warn...

Indian Robber Fed Banana Purgative

In Kolkata, India a thief pinched a 45,000-rupee (USD 1,118) necklace from a woman and promptly swallowed it when police and local residents caught him. The Indian police forced Sheikh Mohsin to eat 40 bananas in...

Tweety Bird Fashion

Tweety Bird has its own fashion design line! They've recently opened a new Tweety Bird Boutique in Beverly Hills. I once knew a girl who hated Tweety! Link - via Fashionable Cute...

Los Carteles de la Propaganda

El Canto del Búho has a vast collection of modernist Spanish Civil War–era propaganda posters. The one above translates to "Women: The Fatherland Needs Your Help."


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