Diet Sodas Are Loaded with Caffeine!

Think diet soda is healthier than regular? According to diet blog, it turns out that many diet sodas actually contain more caffeine than their sugar-filled counterparts ...

Diet Coke
Per 12oz can: 46.5mg caffeine

Diet Coke has significantly more caffeine in it than regular coke (34.5mg).

Here's a list of the 10 most caffeinated diet drinks: Link - Thanks Jim!

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Obviously the giant quartel of illegal caffeine producers want to put our brain to sleep by putting more caffeine in diet soda! Wait. What?
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Cheerwine is a soft drink found almost entirely in North Carolina, where it originated, and surrounding areas in adjacent states. Very popular - but not found elsewhere very often. Similar to Vernor's Ginger Ale in Michigan which is extremely popular here but not found much anywhere else.

Diet Coke may have more caffeine than regular Coke, but saying it is "loaded" is inaccurate hype. Compared to energy drinks, Mountain Dew type drinks and especially coffee - diet Coke has a lot less. There are plenty of websites around to confirm that.
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More caffeine is a bad thing? Not on an early schedule! ;o)

After looking at that list, the thing that shocked me is that Sunkist Orange has caffeine. Why is that? I bought (note: past tense) that stuff for my kids all the time because I don't want them drinking caffeinated stuff.

Anybody know what Diet Cheerwine tastes like? Never heard of it.
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