Chinese Flip Flops - So Cheap, So Dangerous!

An unsuspecting lady purchased a pair of cheap chinese flipflops from Walmart. Little did she know they would nearly rot her feet away! [Story & Pictures] - via The Wvb

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maybe the flip-flop was not the real cause of that 'almost rotten feet', it's her IMPROPER PERSONAL HYGIENE..

the Filipino community widely uses such cheap brand of slippers. i havent heard such stories yet.

but then i guess it's the user's responsibility to take goodcare of his/her own with regards to the high risk health hazards.
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This woman is not the only one. This story made the news with Walmart pulling out flip flops from its shelves.,2933,296589,00.html
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Shame on all of you "nay sayers" out there! I bought the same flip flops last summer, just to wear while around the house. I got the same v shaped rash. The first time, I was out in the yard and I thought maybe I had come into contact with poison ivy, because the rash seemed to look like that. But the peculiar thing was, a couple of weeks later when I wore the flip flops for no more than 10 minutes, I experienced the same rash, only more severe this time. Realizing that it was the shoes, I threw them in the closet with the intention of throwing them away at some time. While the rash lasted nearly 3 weeks and itched unbearably, the outline of the v is still present on my foot, the skin darker and scarred. So all of you that were insinuating that this woman was a liar, I think there is plenty of proof from numerous others with the same reactions, to make you look like the sanctimonious idiots you are!
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Well obviously the burns that some of these suffered were obvious ploys for money and fame. However, my Mother fell victim. She had enough common sense to see the pattern of the burns and figure out what was causing it. It was just silly suicide for these other women to wear these things for so long. My mother just had minor burns. When is the US gonna wake up? Just four words, MADE IN THE USA!
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I purchased the same flip flops from a WalMart in Missouri this summer and have the same chemical burns on my feet. My feet first showed signs of being burned on Aug 5th and are still blistered and peeling. They appear to be scaring. BEWARE THIS IS TRUE
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