Stackapolis - Fun With Building Blocks

Follow the blueprints and stack up the building blocks in the allotted time; the timer runs out quick so clever placement is the key.

Link - via A Welsh View

Good game but the time is limit is rediculusly limited.
Also - you can always go to the puzzle you just lost by typing in the name of it - like sidewalk, lamppost or statepen
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GACK! Good to know I'm not the only one who can't get past the second level...

It'd be a great, addictive little time-waster if it wasn't for the prohibitive time limit. All the developers need to do is lengthen the timer and they'd probably have thousands of folks wrapped around their fingers. As it is, all they have is a lot of frustrated game fans. Ah well...

Love their web page though. It's set up to look like a kooky drive-in theater! *LMAO!*

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ahh.. I made it to level 20 and its just.. stupid. Frantic block moving fun gets squelched by having to input the password everyime you fail (which is a lot).. persistence got me close to the end.. not even I'm crazy enough to attempt the final (?) level (deadends)
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