Why Long Hair and Helicopter Don't Mix

If you can't read the text, here it is:

The "hairball" you see is hair - human hair. This happened March 27th at Holloman to an Army Civil Service Aircraft Maintenance Technician. He was literally "scalped" when his long hair caught on the rotating shaft. You all know my concern and position on this issue. I leave the choice up to you. Those who do have long hair should personally evaluate hair control requirements, the work situation, and their own personal safety concerns. Again - the choice is yours! It would be a tragedy to have it happen here. - Sully

Found at an old favorite, The Oops List (a fantastic resource of all things crash-related)

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His name is Woodrow Williams. He is civil service at Army Air @ Holloman AFB NM. I rode his Harley home that day. It pulled 90per of his hair out. Silver dollar size piece of skull knocked out. Bad choice to have hair not secured. Ask me I'll tell you.
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It was obviously a civilian technician. I once knew a guy who got is hair caught in a drill press and never grew it long again afterwards.

OTOH, they don't say the guy should have had short hair. Instead they talk about "hair control requirements". As a long haired guy myself I take restraining my hair around moving machinery very seriously. Better to tie hair back, braid it, or even wear a bun than to get it caught in rotating machinery. Better to look girly than get scalped!
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I've heard tales of guys in the printing industry getting "scalped" by presses, and other machinery. But thank god, never seen it. Hair + fast moving gears = bad freakin' idea.
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Says he was Army Civil Service. Does that make a difference in hair length?

I didn't believe it because I don't see blood all over. "Scalping" sounds like an exaggeration.
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