Monkey Steals the Peach

To see how this (shudder!) dreaded ninja technique of Monkey Steals The Peach, see:

You've been forewarned.

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Monkey steals the peach was actually a required one-step in my taekwondo club and organization I was a member of in my teen years. Of course it would work, your just grabbing the family jewels, ripping them and smashing them.

Whether Ashida or anyone else published it is completely irrelevant to the move in question.
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Actually, this particular slide is from this little gem from the 70's / 80's:

World's Deadliest Fighting Secrets

Authored by this guy:

The technique did appear in Ashida Kim’s book, Ninja Hands of Death

It appears on page 13. On page 3, he credits the technique to the BDFS.
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HEY! I actually owned the Stephen Hayes book as a kid! Used to think I'd grow up to be a ninja and all that. Now I just blog for fun - how sad.... BRB, must steal some peaches...
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