Newborn Pandas.

Panda breeding has come a long way in the past few years. This gallery is a compilation of various baby pandas showing their development over their first year. Pandas are several months old before they achieve their black-and-white coloring. Link

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rofl tim. i agree. can everyone agree that pandas are more trouble than they're worth though? i mean, it's like pandas don't even WANT to be around. they don't want to mate, they don't want to care for their young and they keep killing each other. not to mention they have to eat so goddamn much. i bet every time one is born the species collectively sighs.
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[wiki] says:

Tai Shan (Chinese: 泰山; Pinyin: Tài Shān, IPA:[tʰaɪˈʂan], popularly referred to as Butterstick) is a giant panda born at the Smithsonian National Zoological Park (National Zoo) in Washington, D.C on July 9, 2005.[1] [...]

Before he got a name, the cub was popularly referred to as Butterstick because immediately after his birth, a zoo worker described him as about the size of a stick of butter. The name caught on with bloggers, and became quite popular.

In fall 2005, the National Zoo announced that the cub's name would be chosen through an Internet poll. There were five names included on the poll; all were traditional Chinese names approved by the China Wildlife Conservation Association. "Butterstick" was not included as an option. Some bloggers protested this decision; there was even an attempt to hack the poll,[2] allowing voters the option of selecting the name Butterstick. Despite these efforts, the name Tai Shan, meaning "peaceful mountain," was eventually chosen, as it had won 44 percent of the 202,045 total votes cast. [3] The name "Butterstick," however, remains a popular nickname for the panda around D.C. and on many websites.
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