Airplane Graveyard HDR Photos

Flickr user dimsumranch has a neat collection of HDR photos of an airplane graveyard in Mojave, California. Link [Flickr photoset]

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Personally I think HDR is a great technique if it opens upmore amateurs to something all the better fsx link is goos but all the pics are the same effect HDR brins a new perspective to this I think that the shot is GREAT ! however I also add that I do not know what happened in Brasil so anyone having sai this lacks respect sorry but life goes n around the mourning ....

I lost family in plane crash yet still appreciate photography enough to enjoy not only these shots but the ones in the other link sometimes people can be too easily offended !!

Nice shot would loe to see more and apologies fer the rant but seriously
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This post was scheduled way in advance, before the Brazil tragedy. Why was it scheduled in advance? So Neatorama readers wouln't have to go without while I'm away to see my family.

Nothing untowards was meant, the timing was coincidental. My condolences to those affected by the Brazil crash.
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In light of what happened in Brazil, we should never show a picture of a plane, ever.

Otherwise, I'm not sure I understand this HDR thing. HDR is a technique that lets you combine the detail of highlights with the details of the shadow in one picture by mashing together 2 or more exposures. When done right, you can't see it's HDR, you will see a correctly exposed subject and a nice sky (instead of a whited out sky)

All the HDR I see are just overstretched curves done in Photoshop, which give them all that "yucky exagerated bright light" look. It looks totally fake. Quite the opposite of the original intent.
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