This film from Amnesty International won the Cannes Lions 2007 Gold Lion Award for Public Service. Push play or go to YouTube. -via Ursi’s Blog

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I know they're not yours. I didn't mean you as you, but a generic entity.

mmmark's comment meant to address OTOH's simplistic view on civilians trapped in war realities.

A lobbying group can sway a CIC to some oil action.

For what it's worth, between AI and the UN, the latter's a more scintillating disappointment.
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monster - those were OTOH's sentiments, not mine.

My point would be that mmmark's sentiments are equally
worthless. "...imagine your parents, etc. being tortured and killed in front of you..."
Those victims have NO interest in you or ten million like-minded people signing anything - except perhaps the Commander-In-Chief signing orders for military action against the offending regime.
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Becki, it doesn't have to stop to a literal scrawl of your pen on a campaign. You may interpret the ad's message where sharing your mark (signature) as being involved on a concrete and personal level, and it doesn't have to be via AI. Even just by involving yourself, say as a member with a group (hey, some signing involved there, too), support in any way is good; not everyone wants to be and has to be in the gritty action.

And I agree AI has leanings; then again, there's not one "global" agency that doesn't and let's not get started on the UN. If you find AI irrelevant, no quibbles about that. As long you don't say defenseless people deserve to be herded and slaughtered, because it's a totally different can o' worms.
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True, monster - and mmmark - creating awareness is valid. However, Shamnesty International is a very partisan political organization that veers way left, so as a skeptic one needs to run their messages through a filter to try to discern what they're really saying. They do themselves and the victims they purport to be concerned about no favors when they alienate large portions of the population.

To clarify my original point - I personally think the message in this animation is counterproductive. It is vague about the specific locations of the atrocities portrayed and serves only to entrench the woolly beliefs of people who believe all they have to do to solve problems like this is to sign something, and to express that vapid "solidarity" feeling. What good is that to the victims they're supposed to be concerned about?
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Although it seems simple, shining a spotlight on repression, torture, and abuse has many times helped to stop it. World opinion and pressure does do some good. Not always, not in every case, not for every situation. And OTOH- imagine your parents, children, brothers, sisters, neighbors, being tortured and killed in front of you. Got it? Now step up to those people (you unarmed) and tell them you're not going to tote their water bottle. Not so easy, right?
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