The Golden Compass Trailer

This looks awesome: a trailer for an upcoming movie His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass [wiki] based on Philip Pullman's trilogy.

Hit play or to go Link [YouTube] - Thanks Kerozene!

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All the use of historically Christian terms as part of evil forces in another world, and the denial of life after death (in the traditional non-pantheistic sense), could and should IMHO be easily ignored in a fantasy book.
However, Ms. Malone (the former nun), in effect, is proselytizing for the rejection of Catholicism and Christianity. Her views are aired completely and affirmed by the remaining story.
This is much more blatant than the Christian themes of Narnia. "Christianity was just a big mistake," as Malone's expressed opinion, is a major theme of this stunningly written, imaginative series.
I ask the producers to consider the appropriateness of similar jabs at Mohammedism, Judaism, Hinduism or any other religion. Or to remove the clear acceptance of the Wiccan religion, or of Shamanism.
Pullman is incredibly gifted. His books are just biased, that's all.
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The books are not specifically anti-christian; they are against organised religion, dogma, and the evils these things spread. When you think about it, what right do religious leaders have to interpret "holy" books their own way and tell you how to live your life? Well, they only have the power that you give them. Ignore them for long enough, and the whole structure will collapse. And not before time. Most people who complain about the anti-christian nature of things aren't real christians anyway.

In any case, we had this whole religious nonsense thing in the UK decades ago when "Life of Brian" came out. That film was condemned for being anti-christian, and it was quite obvious to anybody who had seen the film that those complainants either hadn't seen it, or hadn't understood it (or, perhaps, were too embarrassed at the film taking the mickey out of them).
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omg i read the trilogy back in grade 6-7(4-5years ago)... wow.. hope its as good as the books.. AND I WANNA SEE BEAR! he was like my fave... but i have to read the book again cuz i dint really fully understand it.

btw im christian, it really doesnt borther me. I was a fan of pullmans since i was back in elementary. anyways. I never saw the book as anti-christian, the book was put in the teen section in the library for cryin out loud. its just the way people put it make it seem like it. people thought about that about harry potter too, but the thing is.. ITS ALL FICTION. so dont let stories bother you. christian or not its a must watch if you read the books...

and I pictured the the setting to be more grittier and less final fantasyish when i was reading the books... i guess i need to read all 3 again!
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I am half way through the second book- began reading as soon as I saw the trailer. I am intrigued.

I agree with Rosi. I am a Christian and I do not have a problem with his literary approach or his theology (once I truly determine what that is).

Sure, if anti-Christian, I suppose I should be concerned. Nevertheless, dialogue about theology and ANY mystery is what it's all about. I have no true answers - neither does Pullman. (I'd be arrogant in the extreme to claim authoritive knowledge. So would he.) The nature of good and evil and the universe or creation is open for analysis and certainly honest discussion.

Biltmore says he is tired of all the "christian crap these days." Me too- mainly when it is a corrupted version of what is actually quite a beautiful thing. I have no wonder sometimes that people avoid or openly hate Christianity- especially when it fears confrontation or discussion.

BTW- I am very excited to see the film. i am a sucker for a good trailer- especially when the trailer's music builds the tension and wnder as well as this one does.
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‘The books are too blatantly atheistic and anti-Christian’

Interesting - I seem to recall that the books rammed Christianity (or at least religion) down your throat, specifically the last book. I remember being really upset with the religious overtones of the third book, and how it essentially ruined the series for me since I felt as if I were being preached at. Are you making the assumption that they are anti-Christian based on that brief scene from this trailer? Or maybe I just need to read the books again...
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