Are we witnessing a birth to yet another example of this new genre of marketing: the mystery ads? Like a viral puzzle ad (vuzzle?) where viewers are teased with clues and puzzle to solve ...

Shown before the Transformers movie, here's an nameless trailer for a new J.J. Abrams movie currently called Cloverfield:

Hit play or go to Link [YouTube]

What's the movie about? No one knows, except that some sort of monster is attacking New York City.

Link: Wired Underwire Summary (so far) - via Fimoculous

Linkfest: Ethan Haas Cloverfield Diaries | 1-18-08 (that's the release date of the movie) | Ethan Haas Was Wrong | Ethan Haas Was Right | ABZ 3293, ad nauseam ...

Personally, my money is on Pokémon attacking NYC. (Please God, let it be that ...)

I dont know if Jeffrey Jacob Abrams is a jew like his parents but if he is... im not sure he would have the right to make a movie about Cthulhu ( A fictional demon god created by H. P. Lovecraft ).

Like I said... im not sure. It just dosen't seems like the jewish thing to do.

Then again, JJ Abrams did the Lost series so...
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A lot of the rumors are pointing to a Cthulhu movie.

JJ Abrams has said the Ethan Haas sites have nothing to do with the movie, though. But could that be a publicity stunt of some sort?
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You take down all the related links save

The others have nothing to with the film. Ethan Hass is about an upcoming video game, and the ABZ site is someone trying to cash in on the movie.

The only two websites that have anything to do with the film are and

The movie also has nothing to do with C'thulhu and is an original concept by JJ Abrams. The monster in the film has been confirmed as being called "The Paraiste."

What are you are seeing in the trailer is actually a oil tanker exploding next to the Statue of Liberty.

Also, this is all shot on "handi-cam" and it's video that's being watched after all the events take place, as it was found by the clean-up crew after the monster destroys New York.
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This looks great already, from what little they give away in the trailer.

One big problem with Godzilla (other than the fact that it lacked focus, and turned into Jurassic Park halfway through) was that it was so sanitised. You had this giant lizard destroying New York City and I'm pretty sure you don't see a single person die.

It's going to be good to see a gritty, adult monster/disaster movie that doesn't pull any punches, which is what this appears to be. The fear, death and destruction wraught by a terrible force tearing through a major city will be ust so much more believable if it's accompanied by at least a little blood.

As for what the monster is, it's almost certainly not Godzilla (I don't think they'd have the rights, for one, and I doubt these guy's would want to do it even if they could), and I personally really hope it isn't Cthulhu, because it would almost certainly miss the point of the Cthulhu story. Since it's from the team behind Lost, I'd say there's a pretty good chance it will be a wholly original story.
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Sheesh, talk about overkill. This trailer is followed by transformers which is filled to the rim with scenes of CGI destruction and mayhem. Don't get me wrong I loved transformers but I'm fed up with the action movie cliche of monsters, superheroes, and other phenomenon doing battle and causing mayhem in the big city. All have the usual scenes of skyscrapers crumbling, combatants going through the floor of a window on the fiftieth floor, cars flipping over and nearly missing pedestrians, etc. etc. blah blah yawn.

Pretty please with sugar on top no more CGI movies that take place with skyscrapers and buildings abound.
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In the trailer you hear a guy yell "I saw it, It's a lion, It's huge!" So...giant fire breathing lion? Giant fire breathing something, that's for sure.
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Great. Just what we needed: a cross between Godzilla and the Blairwitch Project. Let's hope the movie is not as blunt as that trailer makes it look like.
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